Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Way to the Library

The San Benito County Free Library, under the fantastic direction of Nora Conte, County Librarian, has many physical and online resources to offer our community. Here's the website link for you to find out what's available.

The website may not mention that a magazine swap rack is located in the lobby. You can leave your old magazines there as well as pick up ones that may interest you. Just this week, the Husband and I brought a box full of The New Yorker magazines to the rack. A win-win.

By the way, who else remembers that phrase from their high school Spanish book: ¿Donde esta la biblioteca?


  1. I do remember that question from Spanish class. I laughed when SNL did that sketch featuring only questions asked in Spanish textbooks. Nobody ever asks those questions! I know I've never asked anyone where the library is. The bathroom, definitely, but not the library!

    1. ¿Donde esta el baƱo? An important question to know in any language. :-)


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