Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Anza House in San Juan Bautista

The Anza House, or the Casa Juan de Anza, is one of the oldest buildings in the Third Street Historic District of San Juan Bautista. It was designated a Registered National Historical Landmark in 1970. The sign says it was built in 1799, but, according to this National Park Service article, the building was constructed in 1834.  Jose Tiburcio Castro, a Mexican official, built it for his residence.

Still, there could be truth in the sign. I've got it on my list to find out the story. I'm also curious as to how the building became known as the Anza House. Anyone know?

5/28 update: According to the research done by the current owner of the Anza House, the original construction date is 1799. Read the owner's comment below for more details. Thank you!


  1. Posting for a friend: "I am the current owner of Casa de Anza and have done considerable research on the building and prior owners. I am fairly certain that the Casa was built during the time of the Mission construction (1797-1804). During recent work we uncovered vigas from the original roof and painted wainscotting similar to that in the SJB Mission chapel. In 1934, when the application was made for Landmark status, Casa de Anza had a milled lumber roof which I think caused the applicant to assume the later 1834 date of construction because that was when milled lumber became available in San Juan Bautista."

    1. Thank you, Casa de Anza owner and Wanda, for clarifying the construction dates.


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