Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming Up 104!

On August 4, Muenzer's will have been in business 104 years. Owned by siblings Jerry Muenzer and Jan Holthouse, the establishment is formally known today as Muenzer's Keys and Teez. It offers locksmith services and sells Haybaler sweatshirts and other apparel.

The business was opened in 1910 by the siblings' grandfather, Joseph Muenzer, who purchased a second-hand store,  got rid of everything but the bicycles, and added locksmith services. Over the years, Muenzer's evolved and adapted with the community's needs and the economic times.

Muenzer's is located at 217 Fifth Street.

Happy Anniversary, Muenzer's!!!


  1. Good Mural that you should share it on Monday Mural

    1. Hi Bill! That's part of a sign. But, I suppose you could call it a mural. I'll check out Monday Mural. Thanks.


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