Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hysterical San Juan Bautista

This sign in San Juan Bautista always cracks me up. But, I wouldn't be surprised if something did happen on that particular spot on Third Street.


  1. The irony is that building had been the Justice Court : "Western False Front style, c. 1860. This building was used as the Justice Court for San Juan Bautista during the 1860‘s. Simon P. Breen was the owner at the time who sold to J.G. Sanchez. A Spaniard named Mondragon owned and operated a saddlers shop in 1873. Mondragon was an expert saddle maker known throughout California. Mondragon’s stock included Mexican saddles, bridles, lariats and quirts. During the Civil War period the building was a Bowling Alley called Ten Pin Alley conducted by Constable James Miller."

    1. From courthouse to bowling alley to saddlers shop within 13 years! Wow. Thanks for the history, Wonder Wanda!


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