Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Country Rose Cafe

I hadn't been to the Country Rose Cafe since it moved to its new location on the corner of San Benito and South Streets. Yes, I know, the restaurant has been there for more than a year. In my defense, I've sworn off large portions so I mostly dream about where I'd love to eat breakfast in town. And, I have to say, we are fortunate to have quite a few from which to choose.

Anyway last Friday, a childhood buddy came for a visit so we headed downtown for lunch. Because neither of us had a preference, we tossed a coin. My first reaction upon entering Country Rose was how cute it is. It's open, spacious, and festively decorated. A perfectly fun place to hang out and catch up on stuff with a friend.

Country Rose still serves an ample plate of breakfast, which my friend had a good time polishing off. My crisp green salad with a bleu cheese dressing was very tasty. And, I liked that our cups of coffee kept being refreshed as much as we wanted. I also liked that there was no sense of having to hurry through our meal.

After going out the cute red doors of the Country Rose Cafe, we took a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, including a stop at the Joshua Inn Bed & Breakfast. Hmmm, I see a theme for this week's posts happening.  Stay tuned.

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