Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking at the Sky on Hillcrest Road

We've been having some rainy days the past two weeks Yaaay! The days following the rainy ones are often gorgeous, as you can see in the reflection of this puddle on Hillcrest Road.

Skywatch Friday is the meme for today. Come check out how the sky looks in other parts of the world by clicking here.


  1. There no puddle here in North Idaho, a few frozen ones.
    Thanks for stopping in and coffee is on

  2. Yes, the rain is nice - California needs it!. Right now the sun is shining - great, now I can warm up (living at 3000 feet)! Lovely reflection, and so clear!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I realized I've "matured" because I didn't step into the puddle after I took the picture. :-)

  4. Oh, wonderful! Rain AND sunshine, all together.

  5. What a creative and lovely shot.

  6. Nice reflections of the sky in the water.

  7. I'm so glad the Husband and I were walking that way that day.


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