Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stopping at Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta is a pit stop haven for drivers, including the men and women who operate those big rig trucks and trailers. Originally opened in 1908 as a fruit stand, Casa de Fruta is located on California Highway 152, several miles northeast of Hollister.

The fruit stand is still there, which sells fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, dried fruits, jars of olives, bottles of hot sauce, pickled vegetables, and much, much more.  But, if you're hungry for a hot meal or a piece of pie,  head over to Casa de Restaurant. Just want to snack on candy and such, then try Casa de Sweets. Or, if you're not the designated driver, you might consider sampling Casa de Fruta's own wines at  Casa de Wine. The kids can have fun riding the Casa de Carousel and the Casa de Choo Choo, or pan for gold at the Casa de Sluice. If you need a place to rest your head, you can get a room at Casa de Fruta's Peacock Inn or a space at the RV Park.

The Casa de Fruta grounds is a good size, so you can get in a decent stretch if you walk from the fruit stand to the RV Park and back. And, if you walk by the trees on the east side of the choo-choo tracks, you can check out vintage tractors and other farm equipment. 

Oh, yeah, there is a gas station at Casa de Fruta, in which you'll find Casa de Burrito inside.

Today, I'm hooking up with The Weekend in Black and White. To see other B&W photos by bloggers around the world, please click here.


  1. Great varied lines, and a wonderful sky!

  2. Awesome sky, great b&w post!
    My post at:

  3. Great shot. The sky is so full of artwork!

  4. I love this photo "be-Casa" the great perspective and greater contrast. Great story to go with it, too.

    (Visiting from B&W Weekend. My image is #54 CJ@ProArtz)

    1. Thanks, CJ. I want to go back and try the food at Casa de Burrito. I've heard it's pretty good.


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