Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Historic Path Below Old Mission San Juan Bautista

Below Old Mission San Juan Bautista is a short and easy walking path that overlooks the San Andreas Fault. We've been having some good rocking and rolling lately, by the way. Small healthy earthquakes in the threes and fours on the Richter magnitude scale to ease the tension of the fault. So, I hope.

Okay, back to the path which is actually a segment of the original El Camino Real that ran between the 21 California missions, from San Diego to Sonoma. You can access the path either by the stairs next to the mission or from the south at the end of Franklin Street. The path swings behind the mission and up to First Street by Casa Maria. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to walk part way on the path.

It's worth the venture, considering that you'd be briefly walking on the historic El Camino Real alongside the amazing San Andreas Fault as well as seeing some gorgeous views of San Juan Valley.


  1. Nice photos, I love the path of the second !!!

    1. Thank you. I liked that part of the path, too. The orange leaves happily greeted us.

  2. Yes, healthy earthquakes! Yours and mine - let's hope!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    1. As far as I know, we have no more living volcanoes around us. But, then, a volcano can grow anywhere it wants. :-)

  3. I never thought before about healthy earthquakes, but I see what you mean and it makes sense. A pretty walk there, tho I wouldn't want to be walking along the Fault if you were having rocking and rolling, even the healthy kind.


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