Wednesday, December 31, 2014


from Santa Ana Valley Road
Our drought is far from over. There is a good but though and it is this: But, our hills are green, green, green! I cannot repeat myself enough. To me that means we are approaching normal -- as normal as can be.  Last year, our hills were dead brown, which was unusual, and they stayed that way for a few months. So, yippie ki-yay! for the rain that came our way this past month.

To one and all, Peace and Joy, as we embark on our new trip around the sun!

Today,  I am linking up at ABC Wednesday, which is hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt and her team of wonders. It's the letter Y today. Click here to read other Y posts by bloggers around the world.

And, one more thing for you today: Below is my 2014 album at Facebook, showing some things that took place in our area throughout the year.


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