Monday, September 21, 2015

A Tree for a Tree

Lately, I've noticed the demise of long-time trees around town. That tree stump, for example, was on San Benito Street last week.  Neighbors on my street pulled out several handsome Italian cypress more than 20 years old because their roots were starting to disrupt the neighbors' water lines. The other day, I saw trees laying on their side in an orchard and wondered if the owners took them out because they couldn't water them.

Hopefully, the trees will be replaced with other types of trees or some kind of plant life that are drought resistant. We need plant life for the simple reason that they produce the oxygen we breathe.


  1. Wowzer!!! That is one HUGE hunk of tree.
    I sure look forward to the weather turning around . . . and YES!!! We need trees.

    1. Me, too. The fog is starting to stream into our valley. It's been so hot and dry, it's almost like I can smell the dampening dust.


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