Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Here Comes the Bus

Yesterday afternoon, the Husband and I opted to take the bus to Downtown to pick up our car from the shop. We had enough exercise from walking home earlier, after a yummy breakfast at Cozy Cup Cafe. The walk under the trees on Monterey and San Benito Streets was delightful, passing by a lot of cute old houses. We couldn't get over how big some of the lots were.

This was our fifth bus ride on the San Benito County Express. The other times were taking the bus to and from the county fair the last two years. For free, too. I keep digressing, don't I? The bus ride to downtown was short and sweet. And, because it our first time, we made it a fun adventure. Not that were rubes about taking buses. Both the Husband and I used the public transportation system regularly when we lived up in the Bay Area for many years, once upon a time.

The Blue Line runs about 35 minutes apart so it was important we got to the bus stop on time. An elementary school kid was doing his math homework when we got there. The sweet kid was obviously a regular bus rider. He took us old people under his wing. He assured us that we hadn't missed the bus. "It'll be here at 2:55." He also told us that without a discount, the fare is a dollar.

As we rode along, I wondered if more people will take to the buses as Hollister gets even more bigger.


  1. How nice to know Hollister offers public transportation . . . even better that young people are kind - and already know how to share . . .

    1. Talking with the young boy was refreshing. I loved his helpfulness and curiosity.


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