Monday, March 7, 2016

Enjoying the View on Valley View Road

When I'm riding the bicycle, I like to stop on that stretch of Valley View Road where there's an unobstructed view of the Gabilan Mountains. Seeing the wild mustard and other wildflowers in the large empty field during our "green" months is a joy, too.

The property is up for sale for development of housing.  So, let's enjoy the view while we can.


  1. What a pretty view, I love the pretty purple flowers too. Happy Monday,enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Lovely share. Don't you just hate all the building! UGH! In Boulder, Colorado they have laws about building and it takes a lot to be able to build there. I am afraid one day they will allow building on all the beautiful land we call state parks. Good to see you here. I am getting back into reading my blog list so I know who is posting. I am really going to miss Sally so without Blue Monday I don't want to lose touch with everyone there. Good to see you and have a great week!


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