Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday in Hollister: Whereabouts is This?

This one ought to be an easy one. But then it may not be if the graffiti has been removed. I took the photo back in January. I've driven over the bridge many times since then. Saturday, for instance. But my mind draws a blank on how it looked. Funny, how that goes.

Where is this bridge? Can anyone tell me if the graffiti is still there?

Did you know that plans are in action to start building a new bridge in 2011?  For details, check out the story in the Hollister Free Lance.


  1. Is that the bridge over the San Benito River on the Hollister to San Juan road?

  2. Charlie, hi. The bridge is over the San Benito River, but it's the one on Union Road.


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