Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Farmer's Market

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  You know what that means. The Farmer's Market!

Haven't been there yet? It's on Fifth Street, between San Benito and Monterey streets. Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, milk, chicken, and meat are there for the buying. Honey, oils, jams, flowers, dried fruits, and various prepared food and non-food items are also available.  Click here for a list of vendors. Please note that some vendors may no longer be there, and that new vendors, such as Claravale Farm (fresh milk!) and Douglas Ranch (beef, pork, and lamb) are not listed.

Have kids? Come earlier for Story Time with Julie Engelhardt at Mars Hill Coffeehouse. That's just around the corner. It starts at 1:30 p.m. Theme is Let's GO! Cars, Planes, Trucks and Trains.  "Kids can bring their favorite vehicles--boats, airplanes, cars, etc., and they can dress up like an engineer, race car driver, fireman, policeman...anything they like!" says Julie.

Talking about kids, are you ready to hear a very talented group of young ladies? The Sledge Grits Band will be performing tomorrow at the Farmer's Market. Ages 7 through 14, these rocking gals have already been featured on the CBS Early Morning Show. Here's the link to their website. Check out the video of their CBS performance before heading over.


  1. Su-sieee
    I love (I don't like to use "I love" .....way over used) but I do love farmer's markets. That's where I bought my new plants last week. For many years I sold my home made soap at the market. I never made any money because the ingredients were so expensive and I didn't charge enough and I gave a lot away. But it was sooo social and I met so many wonderful people. I don't do it anymore.

    Have fun at your market tomorrow.

    The little girls were really talented. Thanks for showing.

  2. Manzanita, I know what you mean. I have no problem traveling to other cities just for farmer's markets, especially for Asian veggies....Those girls are just amazing!


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