Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hey Muenzer's! Happy 100th to You!!

Muenzer's Cyclery and Sports Center, most affectionately known as Muenzer's, is 100 years and 1 day old today! Whoo-hooo!!!!

Muenzer's was opened in 1910 by Joseph A. Muenzer, who had bought a second hand store on Fifth Street and chucked everything but the bicycles. The store has evolved to meet the needs of the community. At one time, the store sold Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. Today, the store is owned by Muenzer's grandchildren, Jan and Jerry. They offer locksmith services as well as sell sports equipment and clothing, local school athletic gear and gym clothes, Scouts badges and supplies, and much more.

No doubt many of you, dear Hollister readers, have fond memories of purchasing bicycles, baseball mitts, tennis shoes, Baler sweatshirts, fishing poles, and other fun stuff that came from Muenzer's. My first bicycle was a blue Schwinn that my parents bought from Muenzer's. It was heaven. I pedaled it to places I was not supposed to go and got home before the parents knew about it. When the husband and I moved to Hollister seven summers ago, guess what was the first thing we did. Yep. We headed down to Muenzer's and bought ourselves a couple of bicycles. Very cool ones, indeed. We have pedaled those bicycles all about town and then some.

Any of you Hollister readers have memories you want to share?

Muenzer's is located at Fifth Street, between San Benito and East streets. Check out these links, for more info about the store:


  1. Hi Su-sieee
    I just realized that Hollister is about the same age as the house I'm in right now. Isn't history fascinating. did you just point a finger on the map and choose Hollister as a place to live?

    I like those old family owned businesses.

    Good for you and hubby riding bikes all over town. I just sold my bike last year. I think I'd ridden it twice. It wasn't very old. I don't miss it thou, as Montana is getting more traffic than you'd think.

  2. Hi Manzanita! I wag an imaginary tail like crazy when I start learning history about a place, a person, or group. :-) I was born in Hollister. My dad, who'd been working and living in Hawaii, moved here after WWII to reunite with his brother who'd been living here since the 1930s. Daddy went back to the Philippines, married my mom,and decided to come back here when he realized opportunities would be much better for his kids. Thanks for asking.


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