Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop Locally: Vertigo Coffee

Vertigo: A feeling of out-of-whackness while looking down from high above.

Vertigo: The name of the movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, parts of which were filmed in San Juan Bautista

Vertigo: Vertigo Coffee Roasting Company; a specialty
micro roastery in San Juan Bautista. A drink of Vertigo
may keep the vertigo away while watching Vertigo.

Vertigo: Vertigo Cafe; the coffeehouse, owned by the
Vertigo Coffee Roasting Company, that serves freshly
brewed Vertigo and yummy pastries seven days a week.
Need I say more.

Vertigo Cafe has been open for a few weeks now, but this weekend (August 14 and 15) is its grand opening. The Vertigo crew will be serving free coffee from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. both days.

The cafe is located at 81 Fourth Street in San Juan Bautista. It's the first left turn, if you're turning right from Highway 156 (from Hollister). If you're already in the mission city, then either walk or drive south on the main street and turn right just before the Windmill Shopping Plaza.

For more info about the roastery, the cafe, and the coffee, check out these links:
Just so you know, several events are happening in San Juan Bautista and other parts of San Benito County. Check it out here.

Disclaimer: I purchase Vertigo coffee beans now and then and, obviously, have gone over to sip fresh brew at the cafe. I like the stuff, especially the organic beans. But, I have not been paid nor given free coffee for writing about Vertigo today. So there. 

P.S. I will gladly accept money or freebies for my writing. That is, depending on what it is.


  1. Su-sieee..... You crack me up. I love your humor.

    Ahhh coffee. That pungent aroma of the dark mysteries of life. I was at the Health Food Store and there was a window in the aisles so both sides could write out their tickets. The man on the other side was grinding coffee and I commented on the glorious aroma. He agreed with, "It's so heavenly that you don't have to drink it, just smell it" Kinda silly but we were both standing there, sniffing the air. Ha

  2. Hi, Manzanita,

    You're my kind of gal. I sniff the smell of coffee, too. Sometimes the aroma is better than the actual taste of some brews.


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