Friday, December 10, 2010

A Mural of San Juan Valley

Hanging in the patio at Doña Esther, a Mexican restaurant in San Juan Bautista, is this beautiful mural that depicts how San Juan Valley looked during the mission days. Take a look at the mural, the next time you're in the mission city.


  1. Cool mural! Never been to Dona Esther but it's about time for me to drive to SJB for lunch soon. A fun afternoon. I used to go to scour the used books stores but can't find them anymore. Just read your sidepost about the seaguls hopefully finding their way back to the ocean - funny! always wondered about that..

  2. The closest thing to a used bookstore in Hollister is the Friends of the Library Saturday book sales and the office lobby full of books at the storage place we use. The next time you're in SJB, check out the Vertigo Cafe. They roast their own coffee.


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