Monday, December 13, 2010

Shop Locally: Hollister Downtown Club

Do you like a discount on merchandise, service, or a meal?

Thought so.

Would you like exclusive discounts to Hollister shops, restaurants, and other businesses?

Well, then, apply for a  Downtown Club card, sponsored by the Hollister Downtown Association. Using the card allows you to get discounts from businesses that are members of the association. There are new discounts every month. For example, during the month of December you could get a 15 percent discount on your paint purchase at the Hollister Paint Store, 10 percent off your meal at Knife and Fork, and take a free trial dance or music class at the West Coast Music and Dance FX.

The Downtown Club card is free, and it is good for a year.  But, there is a catch. Only 1,000 cards are available.  It's first come, first served. So, don't be a procrastinator.

For further details, go to this page at the Hollister Downtown Association Web site.


  1. I am with you on this...I hope everyone will consider buying at locally owned businesses where they sell things made locally - it's hard - but it can be done!


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