Saturday, October 15, 2011

100 Things I LIke: Finding New Places to Wander

Looking east towards the Diablo Range from beyond North Street.

The husband and I decided to explore a part of Hollister we've never been before—beyond North Street. We had no idea whether the land at the end of North Street was public or private property; but, we figured signs would be up.

No signs. We saw a couple of foot paths, so headed forward. If it had been earlier, we would've followed a path that looks like it would take us around the north end of the IOOF cemetery.

It's gorgeous up there, as you can see. Several years ago, some people were hoping that Gavilan College would plant its Hollister campus on that land. I thought they were talking about Park Hill, so I didn't get it at all. How could you put a college up on that small hill? After seeing some of the land, I completely get it. I can visualize a campus up there. Better yet, how about a large expansive park with trails.

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