Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Things I Like: Pedaling About

I'm pedaling east on McCloskey Road.
Slowly, but surely.

Hollister is a great place to ride your bicycle. You can go up and down hills as far away as you want. Or, just pedal into and around town to do errands. The husband and I like to do both. We haven't done much lately, and I miss it.

If you're into cycling, check out the Condor Classic on October 22. There are several rides, from 10 miles to 100 miles, starting from San Benito High School. This is its third year.

For more 100 Things I Like About Living in Hollister, click on that link.


  1. Living in a town that you can pedal around is the greatest.

  2. i like the basket on the front of your bike:)

  3. oceangirl,the husband and I have noticed that more kids and adults are riding bicycles just for the fun of it. Yaay!

    Ed, so do I. Without it, I feel quite exposed. :-)


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