Sunday, October 23, 2011

100 Things I Like: Santa Ana Mountain

That's a view of Santa Ana Mountain on a late afternoon. The husband and I are on  John Smith Road, the curvy part through the hills before you come out to the wow! view of Santa Ana Valley.

When I used to not live in Hollister, and came to visit my family, I knew I was home the moment I saw Santa Ana Mountain from the Bolsa. This mountain peak was what I saw in the near distance from our back yard everyday when we lived on Hillcrest.

For different views of Santa Ana Mountain, please click here. For a look upclose from Lone Tree Road, please click here.

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  1. You must live somewhere near the Palouse. I was thinking you were closer to the south and east of Idaho. Not that there's a whole lot of room in the panhandle for going east.

  2. Alice, I live in Hollister, California. Must go look up Palouse to see that part of Idaho. Only been through the state once, way up by the Canadian border.


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