Friday, August 15, 2014

A Sunday Stroll

One great thing about the deep morning fog we've been having lately is that as the fog heads back west, it cleans out some of the smog, leaving us with a beautiful blue sky for part of the day.

I took this photo at the corner of Sixth and San Benito Streets on a stroll through downtown last Sunday with the Husband and an out-of-town friend after lunch at La Villa de Jerez. Part of our walk included stops at Bill's Bullpen Baseball Cards & Comics and San Benito Bene. Does it sound like I'm name dropping? Good. Just want to let you know that a few shops are open in downtown Hollister on a Sunday afternoon.
Today, I'm participating in Skywatch Friday. To see photos from bloggers all over the world, please click here. 


  1. Looks like a quiet Sunday afternoon! :)

    1. That's our Sundays. Hopefully, over time, more shops will come in and open their doors on Sundays.

  2. Nice town (and sky) you have there! Thansk for visiting my sky watch. I posted images of an eclipse in 2010 at


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