Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Living in the Country

"When I view Airline Highway on Google Maps, it looks like a country road," I said to the Husband.

"It is a country road," the Husband said.

"Because it's a two-lane highway?"

"Whether it's a state highway or a road meandering through the country side, it's a country road."

Yet another Duh! moment for me.  I'm so used to the views alongside Airline Highway, also known as California State Highway 25, that when I'm going down it,  I don't think of being in the country. I am very fortunate that once I leave my driveway I can go in any direction and I'm out in the countryside within ten minutes.

Anyway, the other day I noticed that on the north side of Airline, near Best Road, is a great view of the peaks called the Three Sisters. Those are the small peaks in the far right of the photo.

Today,  I'm hanging out at Our World Tuesday. Come along with me and see and read about life in other parts of the world.


  1. Lucky you to have such views within minutes of leaving your driveway! Being in the city, I'd have to drive many miles to see such landscape!

  2. Lovely sight.
    I'm sure this is Something when you move from a big city.
    Enjoy Hollister. :)

  3. pretty vista - wish the roads around here were more like that!

    1. Seeing the sights from my bicycle makes me realize how often I don't take the time to enjoy the beauty of what's around me.

  4. As a kid, growing up in Hollister, I had no appreciation of what was around me. Had to leave and come back many years later to get it.


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