Saturday, August 1, 2015

San Benito County Logo

"Ooooh, pretty colors."

Click went the camera. This time the photo was the San Benito County logo on a bright red and white county truck. 

Until the other day, I was never curious about the logo. So, what does it tell the world about San Benito County?  For one thing, that San Benito became a California county in 1874. Did you know that before then, most of our area was part of Monterey County? 

And what are our big deals? The logo shows the Pinnacles, Mission San Juan Bautista, and a map of the county, with a star for Hollister, the county seat. Definitely right on. 

For more about San Benito County, check out its website. Lots of good stuff there. By the way, the map is painted yellow on the logo at the website. Looks good.

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