Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Hollister Motorcycle Rally

2011 Hollister Motorcycle Rally (unofficial)

Yes. The Hollister Motorcycle Rally is officially on this year. The last one, a financial disaster managed by the City of Hollister, was in July 2008. Not that the motorcycle rally really disappeared. For four years, bikers continued to trek to Hollister over the July 4th weekend to pay homage to the Birthplace of the American Biker.

So, it's back. July 5 and 6. Promoters and supporters are happy and excited. The word is that bikers can park themselves on main street and not in some distant lot from the original site where the 1947 riot took place.  For details about the rally, head over to the official Web site.

And, if you're interested in some history about the annual Hollister Motorcycle Rally, check out these links.
 Today marks the end of this week's theme: Bikers, Motorcycles, and Hollister.  


  1. WOW Just looking at all the bikes made me run for my ear plugs. Bikers are OK. It saves on gas and many love that open air freedom.

    1. If all goes well, the rally will help fuel the local economy and charities.


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