Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Railroad Crossing

The Union Pacific freight train comes into town almost every day, especially during the cannery season. You don't have to be downtown to know it's here. Toot! Toot! can be heard at least as far as Sunnyslope School.

After watching this 2007 video by Tom Vance, I now understand why the train whistles so much. And, it's not because it's saying "Hello, people!" It's more like "Hey people! Look out! I'm bigger and heavier than you and may crush you if you insist on suddenly getting in my path."

Vance shot a freight train leaving Hollister on an April day.  I was somewhat dumbstruck as I watched the first part of the video as the train left town. Drivers swooshed over the tracks before the railroad gates came down; two teenage girls walked in front of the train; and one driver backed off the tracks. As the video shows the train lumbering out of town, you see country sights you can't see as you're zooming down Highway 25. Take a look. Here's the link again.

February 25 to March 3 theme for Take 25 to Hollister: Trains and Railroads

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