Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Vintage Sign

The Mobilgas Pegasus in the Cloud sign is a classic. Mobilgas (before it renamed itself as Mobil in 1963) introduced the red winged Pegasus in the 1930s. You can see the sign in its vintage glory at the historic village in the San Benito County Historical and Recreation Park. It's hanging on the outdoor wall of the first floor of the Ferrando House.

February 4 to 10 theme for Take 25 to Hollister: San Benito County Historical Park


  1. Oh that is nice. I wonder what kind of paint that is to last so long..... must be lead paint. That stuff may be toxic but it sure hung in there.

  2. It probably is lead paint. I didn't realize how red the icon was until I saw photos of it. As always, thanks for visiting, Manzi. :-)


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