Monday, February 25, 2013

The Old Train Depot

The theme this week, February 25 to March 3,  is Trains and Railroads. . .

You can find this plaque, which was placed by two chapters of the E Clampus Vitus, in front of the old train depot at the east end of Fifth Street. It states:
Hollister Train Service
The Tres Pinos branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad began train service to Hollister on July 13, 1871. Train service was a main reason the population grew from 300 in 1870 to over 2000 by 1873. Besides passenger service, major commodities shipped have included hay, produce and beer. The final passenger excursion occurred on October 30, 1955. The depot, originally constructed in the late 1860's, was fully restored by the Rodriguez family in 1991. 
Today, the depot is home to a restaurant and a few other establishments. Click here to see a photo of how it looked in 1968. And, here's what it looks like a few years ago.


  1. Su-sieee, come to San Juan to see our historical marker commemorating the San Juan Pacific Railway!

    1. Wonder Wanda, I definitely shall. You'll need to tell me where I can find it.


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