Friday, January 16, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 725 San Benito Street

This two-story, reinforced concrete historic building in the Downtown Hollister Historic District was constructed around 1915. It is listed as 725 San Benito Street on the National Register of Historic Places registration form. The second floor shows its original face, while the first floor has been remodeled.

The registration form notes that the building was once the Winneville Hotel. Was it that originally? I have no idea. Does anyone? During the 1990s, the building was home to the Family Bargain Center. Today, the storefront is divided into three businesses:
The ceiling in Eclectic Treasures still has the original tin tiles. Click here to see how gorgeous they look. Better yet, head over to the store. The other two shops may have the original ceiling, too.

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