Monday, January 19, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 135 5th Street

Who remembers the old post office on 5th Street? And, the beautiful cedar tree next to it?

The building is still there. It's now the Apostolic Assembly Bible Learning Center.  What's missing though is the cedar tree.

The old post office at 135 5th Street is the major contributing historic building on the eastern edge of the Downtown Hollister Historic District.  Built in 1935, the building was designed in the style of Spanish Colonial Revival.  One of the interesting features of the building is the arched entrance surrounded by fake voussoirs -- those ray-like lines. Actual voussoirs are wedges of stone or other material forming the units of the arch. I am definitely learning a lot of architectural stuff with this series.

Do any of you remember the awesome wooden mural that once hung in the old post office? It's now hanging at the new post office on Maple street.  Click here for a photo of the mural.


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