Monday, January 12, 2015

Glancing Through a Cranny

Sitting between the Juan de Anza House and La Cosa Rosa Restaurant on Third Street in San Juan Bautista is a cute little fenced-in garden. Sometimes wild chickens like to roost there. That's what got me looking through the fence when I took this photo. I heard the chickens, but I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of them. This wooden dude, however, was going no where. He reminds me of Paul Newman.

Today is Monday Mellow Yellows, and that's where I'll be.  Come check out other mellow yellows with me by clicking here.


  1. The wooden dude seems faintly amused by the world around him. An interesting one.

    1. I like to think he's amused by the wild chickens of San Juan. :-)

  2. Hehehe, you're right. It looks like Paul Newman :)
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Yes indeed, looks a little bit like him !

  4. Neat find, it does look like Paul Newman!


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