Sunday, January 25, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 401 San Benito Street

Today, the two-story commercial building at the southeast corner of San Benito and Fourth Street is a church. Originally, the building at 401 San Benito Street was a grocery store. It was built in 1907 to replace the first building destroyed in the 1906 Earthquake. It is a contributing building to the Downtown Hollister Historic District, which means that the owners cannot demolish it until certain measures are met. The storefront was remodeled for a modern look in the 1970s.

This historic building is one-of-a-kind in Downtown Hollister. It has two square corners, which remind me of castles. The fancy parapet at top of the roof has a cheerful curved middle section, which makes me think of the Three Musketeers.  And, the balcony on the second floor, well, that brings Romeo and Juliet to mind.

By the way, that balcony is a copy of the original one that had gone missing at one point in time. The copy was made from original timbers, according to Welcome to Historic Downtown Hollister, a walking tour pamphlet by Sharlene Van Rooy.

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  1. Stopping by for sundays in my city.
    I am much fascinated by buildings in any form thanks for sharing this photo. you can find me taking photos of Urban Exploration- an out-of-the-way or dilapidated building, abandoned buildings- doors and windows!

  2. What an interesting building. Doesn't seem like a church quite fits the building or location. The store makes more sense. I love the detail and those things (for lack of a better word! lol) along the roof line add to the charm.

    1. It became a church in either the late 1980s or early 1990s. They tore down the wall between the two storefronts, which was probably put up after it stopped being a grocery store.


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