Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for. . .

Xeriscaping. This is a type of landscaping that conserves the use of water. A good example of xeriscaping is the grounds of the new county courthouse on Fourth Street.

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  1. ha! your page won't let me copy and paste this word I've never seen before in my life - let's see if i can get it right . . "xeriscaping" - well, now that I've typed it once, I'm on my way to learning it, right? Hm, In St. Louis. there is part of the area where an University is experimenting with water/rain usage and native plants . . i wonder if this is similar. Surely i did not hear anyone using the new word . . .

    1. It sounds like the same type of landscaping to me. Use of native plants to minimize the use of water.


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