Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for. . .

Year.  And, that year was 1965!

Why 1965? Because I found the Polk's Hollister City Directory on the reference shelf at the local library.  So, here we go into the way back machine.

The estimated population in April, 1965
Hollister: 8,000
San Benito County: 19,700

Weather in April, 1965
Average temperature: 58.7 degrees    Range: 44.7 degrees to 72.5 degrees
Rainfall: 1 inch

Protective Services
• Hollister Police Department employed 11 policemen and 1 matron.
Hollister Fire Department employed 5 full-time firefighters and had 19 volunteer firefighters and 5 fire trucks.

Churches: 13 of them

Schools: 1 junior college, 1 high school, and 3 public K-12 schools (within Hollister)

Public Transportation: Greyhound station and Southern Pacific depot

Health Services
• 12 physicians
• 4 pharmacies
• 2 hospitals
• 1 veterinary hospital

• Bank of America was the only bank in town.
• 2 loan companies
• 17 grocery stores
• 14 restaurants
• 10 taverns
16 gas stations
• 2 jewelers
• 9 clothing shops
• 3 department stores (J.C. Penney, Baughman Department Store, and Schulze's Department Store)
• 3 furniture dealers and 2 used furniture stores
• 11 apartment buildings

Personal Services
• 10 barbershops
• 11 beauty shops 

Entertainment: 2 movie theaters, 2 parks, 1 bowling alley, and 1 family billiard room

Lodging: 5 hotels and 3 motels

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  1. very interesting Susiee, I wonder if Hollister Inn was Hollister Inn and existed in 1965. I was born in 1966 -

    1. I think it did. I recall a motel being in that spot, but with another name.

  2. Just now visiting during the challenge and happy I found you. What a great job you have done with your theme. I hope you have marketed yourself and this blog for Hollister. This is a great job. The clarity and uncluttered look of the blog is SO appreciated. You should get a blue ribbon for this work. If you have any energy left come and see what I've been up to...a writer doing her thing.

  3. I love city directories! I use them often in my genealogy searches. I never look at the description of the city though. I am going to have to start doing that. Very interesting.

    Finding Eliza


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