Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Vaults

You're looking into the bottom floor of the old Pendergrass Building on the corner of Fifth and San Benito Streets. It's being turned into a restaurant. See the bank vault? Once upon time, this location was home to a bank that was across the street from another bank, which is now a nightclub called the Vault.


  1. Ha! That is so interesting! Are they going to make the vault the food storage locker? Or is it just for storing trade secrets, like their recipes?

  2. Thank you for coming on over to my blog and leaving a great fun comment about the D is for Dangling Legs.

    I am glad I came over to your delightful blog :) Love you sense of humor about those Simpson Heads. ha ha ha, and then D is for Dandy, Delightful, and Delish! Wow now that is a lot of Mustard growing, never fields of Mustard before and also so very pretty too.

    I will be putting a link of this blog of yours over at my second blog title; Rosy Photos and More.

  3. Ah one more thing, we are almost neighbors! I am in San Diego, I am wondering if that Vault will be used to keep the booze under lock and

  4. Judie, I like the idea of turning the vault into cold storage. They ought to sell desserts that look like $$.

    Rosy, it's a pleasure to meet you. I wondered if you were in SF. The house beside the dangling man in the tree reminded of a place up there. :-) thanks for putting my link up at your blog.


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