Friday, January 24, 2014

Everyday Rock and Roll

That sudden turn in the sidewalk and wall on 6th Street
in Hollister is due to the Calaveras Fault.

Last week (or was it this week?), we felt a couple of good grumbles in the earth, measuring in the low 3's on the Richter scale. That's nothing when you're used to it. Nerve-wracking, if you're not. But, it is to expected when you live in Hollister. . .or Tres Pinos. . .or San Juan Bautista. . . or anywhere in San Benito County.

Yup.  We have two major earthquake faults cutting through the county. The Calaveras Fault runs right through downtown Hollister, while the San Andreas Fault circumvents Hollister to the southeast and winds itself through San Juan Bautista just below the mission.

Earthquakes happen nearly everyday in our county. Mostly micro ones, which is good, as they release much needed tension. Just like burps.

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