Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Turret on Fifth Street

Don't you just love the old architectural styles of houses in downtown Hollister? Check out the turret of the Frankie Orr house across from the San Benito County Library, for example. Built in 1900, the house was designed by William H. Weeks, a well-known California architect who also designed the old brown-stoned City Hall (a few buildings to the east of the current City Hall), the Masonic Temple, and the original buildings of San Benito High School.

FYI: The links for the Masonic Temple and San Benito High School will lead you to the postcards I designed for Zazzle. FCC wants you to know that I receive a pittance of a royalty and referral fee for anyone who purchases the postcards.


  1. Thats not old it's young. Reminds me of a place in our village

    1. Yep, buildings in the U.S. are babies compared to the age of the buildings in Europe. Many years ago, I visited Venice and was in total awe of standing before buildings that were hundreds and hundreds of years old!


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