Monday, January 27, 2014

San Juan Bautista

Have you taken more than a glance at the cool sign in front of Windmill Market in San Juan Bautista? It most definitely tells the truth.  

San Juan Bautista is about 7 miles west of Hollister. If you're driving south on Highway 25 from the 101 exit, you would turn right at the traffic light where 25 intersects with Highway 156. It's a nice drive through San Juan Valley to the second largest city in San Benito County. In 2012, its population was about 1,900. If you love very small cities, then take a stop in San Juan Bautista.

Some Websites to Check Out
City of San Juan Bautista: History
Old Mission San Juan Bautista
San Juan Bautista, California, USA San Juan Bautista

FYI: I'll be blogging about San Juan Bautista this week. Here's yesterday's post about The Cross on Pagan Hill.

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