Thursday, January 2, 2014

Farewell to Penny Wise Drug

After nearly 66 years in business, Penny Wise Drug, at 549 San Benito Street, will be locking its doors for the last time on January 12, 2014.  Big, big Bummer! I will miss seeing Joan, Jeanne, and Stephen Rosati in downtown Hollister.

Starting today, Penny Wise Drug is holding it going-out-of-business sale. And, the sale is a bargain. Discounts range between 30 to 60 percent off.

Pharmacists Jeanne and Stephen filled their last prescriptions on December 26, closing the only independent pharmacy in Hollister -- for that matter, San Benito County. All of their customers' files have been moved to the recently opened Walgreens at the corner of Tres Pinos Road and Highway 25. For me, it's already not the same.

I will miss the comfort of opening the back door to Penny Wise Drug and calling out, "Hello!" and hearing a welcoming  greeting from one or two, and sometimes all three of the Rosati siblings.

I will miss looking at their shelves of OTC items and seeing something that I recall my dad bought from Penny Wise Drug when I was a kid many years ago.

I will miss being able to purchase items that I will now have to order online or wait until my next trip to a natural grocery store in Santa Cruz.

I will miss the professional advice of Jeanne and Stephen, as well as seeing what gorgeous bohemian skirt Jeanne is wearing and what handsome Hawaiian shirt Stephen has on.

I will miss chatting with the lovely, lively Joan who for the longest time I called Carol and she never corrected me.


I am very fortunate to have experienced the helpful cheer of a small business and hometown wonder as Penny Wise Drug. And, I thank you very much, Rosati Family, for your wonderful assistance and service to my family and to our community. Best wishes to you, Joan, Jeanne, Stephen, and Marie on your new adventures!
~ Su-sieee! Mac


  1. Any reason for closing. Always bad when a family business closes

  2. Partly the economy and a lot, I believe, because of insurance company policies about reimbursements. Once upon a time, Hollister had several family-run pharmacies. By the 1990s, Penny Wise was the last hold out. Will we see another era where mom-and-pop businesses rule the communities again? I hope so.


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