Sunday, February 1, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 730 San Benito Street

Felice Forno, the new popular pizza joint in Hollister, is located at 730 San Benito Street, which originally was the building of the Hollister Free Lance.  The  structure is another contributing building to the Downtown Hollister Historic District.

According to the National Register of Historic Place, it was constructed around 1907. You can still find signs of the Hollister Free Lance on the face of the building. Near the edge of each side is a handsome tile of a knight known as a free lance, who was willing to work for anyone who paid him. By the way, check out what mythical animal the free lance is spearing.

Interestingly, from the front, the  building looks like it is two stories. Yet, when you look from the side or the back of the building, you can see that the top is a fake facade. Is it really a two-story building? Do those windows on the "second floor" open? Maybe someone else can tell us.

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