Saturday, February 21, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 459 San Benito Street

Five contributing buildings to the Downtown Hollister Historic District are left to be featured, and these are what I consider the major landmarks in our cute downtown. The first one is the gorgeous two-story brick Italianate building on the northeast corner of San Benito and Fifth streets.

This Victorian beauty was built around 1874 by its original owner, Willam Palmtag, one of the men who founded the town of Hollister. In 1891, the building became the home of The Farmers & Merchants Bank, of which Palmtag was the president. For more information about Palmtag, please click here.

Until recently, I thought this building and the adjoining one (which houses the Mexican restaurant La Catrina) on San Benito street were all one building. But, when you look closely, you can see the different details. I think the details give the impression that this building (459 San Benito Street) is feminine while the other is masculine. What do you think?

Nothing speaks more Victorian era than bay windows. And, this building has five of them—one on its west face, three on its southern face, and one at the corner. The round and pointed arches over the doors and windows also give the building an ooh-la-la look.

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