Friday, February 27, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: Noncontributors, Part 2

Today's post covers the noncontributing buildings in the Downtown Hollister Historic District on Fifth Street, between San Benito and Monterey Streets, and on Sixth Street.

322 Fifth Street

This three-story brick commercial building was constructed around 1985. Sometimes I think I'm looking at the side of the building rather than the face. It could be because the lot is narrow compared to the other sites on the street.

334 – 336 Fifth Street

I was surprised to learn that the Granada Theater building is not a contributing building to the Downtown Hollister Historic District.  It's categorized as a noncontributor because many of the building's original architectural details were removed. The two-story reinforced concrete building was constructed around 1940.

345 Fifth Street

This handsome office building is formally known as the Ross Building. It was constructed around 1948. To learn a bit more about it, please click here.

225 Sixth Street

This two-story historic building is another of the more modern buildings in the Downtown Hollister Historic District. It was constructed in the late 1970s. Today, Pierce Real Estate occupies the building.

Contributing Buildings

Over the past six weeks, I posted photos of over 40 contributing buildings to the Downtown Hollister Historic District. To check out those posts, please click here


  1. I hope the town appreciates your love

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Great collection of images, the Granada Theater looks amazing, its architecture is very interesting, I wonder how is its interior!

    1. The interior still looks like an old-fashioned movie house from the 1940s inside. Modest rather than ornate though.


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