Monday, February 16, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 204 Fourth Street

At the northwest corner of Fourth and East Streets stands another contributing historic building to the Downtown Hollister Historic District. The two-story commercial structure at 204 Fourth Street is a combination hotel and restaurant. I don't think the second floor is used as a hotel anymore. On the first floor is the restaurant El Kora Moriscos.

The building was constructed in 1908. Its stepped parapet with a diamond vent on the front of the building reminds me of the queen of diamonds in Alice in Wonderland. Sometime in the 1950s, a shorter two-story addition was erected on the west side of the building.

Not visible is a one story building adjacent to the hotel/restaurant. The arched doorways that you see on the left in the photo were probably open at one time and lead to the building, which is described an an annex. Built around 1940, the annex is also a contributing building to the Downtown Hollister Historic District.

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