Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Downtown Hollister Historic District: 722 - 728 San Benito Street

I think this two-story historic commercial building in the 700 block of San Benito Street has one of the more interesting facades in the Downtown Hollister Historic District. The reinforced concrete structure was built around 1915. The top floor has several apartments while the bottom floor has two separate store fronts. Currently,  I Love Hair and Nails (722 San Benito Street) occupies the north side of the building and San Benito Shoes & Wear (728 San Benito Street) is on the south side.

When you have a chance, check out all the fine details of this building in person. Notice the four bas relief urns in the blue parapet and the molding going across the parapet's top, as well as that piece going across the parapet. Also check out the fancy ornamentation that frames the windows.

The entryway to the apartments is cool, too. It reminds me of some of the brownstone buildings in San Francisco with the marble on the bottom part of the walls and the mosaic-looking entryway floor. And the trim on the entry door, ooh-la-la.

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  1. Great photos of a very interesting building. Beautiful details - I wonder why modern buildings so seldom give any attention to such details!

    1. Thanks. Many tall modern commercial buildings are slick in metal and glass. Maybe they take advantage of natural light and shadows falling on the building to give the details.

  2. Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!! I've never been to Hollister...looks quite charming!!!

    1. I think it's great how you show a part of California most people don't think about... And it looks so lovely. The chamber of commerce should hire you!


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