Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Sunday Flashback: The Man-in-the-Moon Swing

Once upon a time, the playground on top of Park Hill featured a very cool swing that I knew as the Man in the Moon. As teenagers, my friends and I would go up there and take a turn on the swing. Of course, when no children were around. Round and round I went as I swung back and forth. . . .

The photo was taken in the late summer of 1973. It was the last hoopla around Hollister for my best friend and me before we left for college, after two years at Gavilan. She to San Diego and I to San Francisco.

What fond memories of once-upon-a-time come to your mind right now?


  1. We could use more nifty - original art playgrounds in the world . . . I suspect original thinkers are created in unique environments . . take YOU for example - You so totally rock. Some tiny bit of your awesomeness certainly evolved from that swing . . . (made me smile)

  2. Ah, gee, G. Thank you for the sweet words. :-)

  3. The Hollister clothing name was inspired by an obscure beach in southern California (Hollister beach) and not by the town of Hollister. Incidentally, both the beach and the town were named after the same man.


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