Friday, June 19, 2015

Vintage Cars

Every now and then I see a pretty nifty old car or truck parked or going down a street in Hollister. If I could have one, I'd like a 1950s Ford pick-up truck, because my dad once owned one and I enjoyed hanging out in the back as he drove along. Yup, those were the days.

If you're into old cars, check out the Hollister Airshow this weekend, where there will be a vintage car display. And, on July 18, 2015 is the annual Hollister Street Festival, Car Show & Swap Meet.


  1. I had a foster brother really in to cars - he caused me to look at them with a bit of respect. - A few years ago I met a couple - she was in to her religion - he was in to restoring old cars . . . what an interesting world we live in.

    1. Each has his/her own form of religion, I guess you could say. I have no idea what mind would be.


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