Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Mural Behind the Sports Posters

The next time you sit on the patio at the Third Base Burger Bar on San Benito Street, check out the mural on the wall behind the sports posters. This beautiful mural, titled Fruited Plains, was painted seven years ago by art students at Gavilan College under the direction of Dr. Arturo Rosette. To read more about the mural, as well as see additional photos of it, please click here.

The Fruited Plains mural in Brown Alley.


  1. I enjoyed reading the original post about this mural . . thanks for your link back - the work is wonderful - i hope the sports posters get to move soon . . .

    1. It's a beauty of a mural. I'm glad I took a photo of it before the previous restaurant owners add a patio in the alley.


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