Monday, June 8, 2015

San Jose Train Station

The San Jose Diridon Station on Cahill Street is a hub for both Amtrak and Caltrain. One day, BART will reach there. Yesterday morning, the Husband and I were sitting at the station waiting for my godmother to board the train. I was excited just sitting there, wishing I was going off on a train somewhere. Riding a train makes me feel like I'm on a grand adventure, even if it's just up to San Francisco and back.

I've probably ridden the train less than 10 times in my life so far, but I think it's the most civilized way to travel. Get on, find a seat, enjoy the scenery, chat, read, nap, enjoy the scenery, and get off.  No hassle of traffic jams, tailgaters, and aggressive (or timid) drivers. Too bad Hollister no longer has a train station.


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