Wednesday, April 20, 2011

N as in New Place to Eat Locally

Two days. In a row, too.

That's how many times I've gone to the newly-opened Heavenly Bakery on the corner of Sixth and San Benito Streets. How long has this new bakery been open? Uhm, last Thursday was its first day, I believe.

They have very nourishing foods for the soul. The apricot danish. Yum. The pecan tart. Droool. The Franchesi bread. Just heavenly!

It's so nice to see Heavenly Bakery and other new businesses opening in downtown Hollister. Now, we gotta do our part and help them keep their doors open.

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  1. I would be more than happy to do my part if I were in Hollister! Looks so tempting!

  2. yummmmm all that food for the soul....

  3. This is a cool place. Mouth watering.

  4. nice new place to buy noshes!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Nice 'n Neat!

    Retired Navy for N, hope you can come by and comment. Thank you!

  6. I've seen the signs up for this for a while now. Glad to see that it's opened. I just MIGHT need to make a stop by on the way home from work:)

  7. NICE! Wish it were closer to my place, but then again maybe it's better that's it's not! lol

    abcw team

  8. Oh yes that window display would pull me in. Irresistible.

  9. Been trough Hollister many times when we live in the time I'm there...I will surely visit that Bakery.

  10. Grace and Bradley, good to know. :-)

    magiceye, I pedaled my bicycle extra hard yesterday to deserve the next treat.:-)

    Rajesh, yes the pastries are mouth watering.

    Roger, you said it! I just heard they might have chocolate croissants. oh-oh.

    chubskulit, :-)

    Red, so, did you make a stop yesterday? What do ya think?

    Jane, I hope there are a lot of not-rude people who will step in, too!

    Leslie, fortunately the husband has better willpower than me. :-)

    Joy, isn't that puppy something else?

    Wanda, great to hear! The more, the merrier. :-)

  11. I think I could nibble and nosh my way through that shop on a daily basis. Beautiful!

  12. Tumblewords, my pants already feel tighter from just 2 days in a row. Just means lots of bike riding to deserve walking into the bakery.

  13. They would get my tempting!
    I am searching for something tasty like that in Colorado. Too many health nuts here. ( which is okay sometimes...but I crave a good dessert now and then.)

  14. I finally went last Friday.

    My first thought was...'wow, a bit pricey'.

    My second, third and fourth thoughts (after getting some eclairs and a chocolate flan) was "More, please!"

    I'm still thinking about 6,7 and 8th thoughts, because my diet just can't handle this much goodness:)

    So, two yums up:)

  15. Red, just as well that the yummies are pricy. It'll keep us from going there everyday. :-)


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