Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow the Red Brick Path

The other day we followed most of the red brick path in downtown Hollister. From north to south, it went from Third Street to Hawkins Street. We had a lot of fun peeking into storefront windows along the way. The brick work was installed several years ago as part of the overall plan to bring more people--locals and tourists--into downtown, specifically, and the area, in general.

Presently, the Hollister Downtown Association (HDA) is working on a marketing and branding plan. This Monday, April 11, the HDA will be holding public meetings in Room 218 at the Veterans Memorial Building for members of the community to give their input about how to best market Hollister to the world. For a list of meeting times, check out this article from The Pinnacle.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Hollister!!

    You guessed it! I've loved Georgia O'Keefe's work since I was a teenager. Thanks so much for the complement!



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